3 Tips to Land Your Dream Internship!

3 Tips to Land Your Dream Internship!
3 Tips to Land Your Dream Internship!
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When deciding to apply for an internship, your next move is to analyze the kind of internship you want and how it affects your future goals.

Getting a good internship is great, getting the internship of your dreams is downright amazing and can be equally daunting. Without proper guidelines, it is easy to get frustrated or make serious mistakes when applying for internships.

In this article, we have summed up a short list of tips to help you get your dream internship spot. It is important that you have a distinct idea of what you are looking for from an internship position.

Tips to Land your Dream internship

Utilize your connections.

Connections are everything right now in the world. Sites like LinkedIn are like your yellow contact pages.

Do not knock the connections around you. Anyone can be of great help. When searching for internship positions, this will be a great opportunity to reach out to everyone. Practically anyone can be of help in linking you up with an internship position.

Social media platforms are also good places to reach out for help. On LinkedIn, you have the opportunity to connect with a broad range of persons from different organizations. Social media platforms will help you broaden your reach and access.

Go beyond the surface.

When you have an organization you would love to intern within mind what the first thing you do is? You do internet research on them. When researching an organization do not just do cursory research. Browsing through an organization’s website and taking note of just a few things will not cut it.

You want to show the organization that you are interested in them, their values and their business.

In-depth is almost investigative like research is the best way to go. Go beyond the home page; check the organization’s “About” page; get a feel for the team; visit other related sites, do a LinkedIn search. Be curious about the organization and its nuances.

Have a bespoke resume.

The word “bespoke” is a fashion term that means “made to fit, ” and its opposite is “generic” which simply means “for general or public use.”

You need a bespoke resume.

For every organization you apply to you want to tailor fit your resume to suit the needs of the organization. After carrying out surveys of an organization, you would have gotten a feel of how the organization operates and what direction and way to tailor your resume.

The findings of your research should also be evident in your cover letter. Bear in mind that organizations typically look for smart, hard-working, diligent and consistent interns who are willing to learn and contribute to the organization’s growth.

Your resume should reflect that you are exactly the type of intern they are looking for. Even if you are applying for the same position, what works for a particular organization might not necessarily work for the other. Best to use separate formats and approaches for every application.

Hopefully we have provides some useful tips and suggestions in assisting you identify and capture that perfect internship opportunity. We would love to hear thoughts on this subject! Any additional tips or suggestion for an intern? Please feel free to submit any questions or comments in the section below. If you like this post, click the “Like” button. However, if you love this post, “Share” it. Thanks!


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